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The results of a US-based survey(1) of 15,000 physicians across 29 specialties showed that 44% of all physicians surveyed were burnt out, including 43% of cardiologists.

According to the study, the top burnout contributors were “by far, having too many administrative tasks, working long hours and working with EHRs.” 72% of cardiologists, the 3rd highest percentage, reported working more than 51 hours a week.

One cardiologist quoted in the survey said, “It [burnout] has made me plan for an earlier, more austere retirement.” 31% of all physicians said that they alleviated burnout by working fewer hours, while 21% said they “made workflow or staff changes in my practice to ease up on my workload.”

A major factor in cardiologist burnout is that clinicians are overwhelmed by the administrative paperwork and data entry caused by the tremendous amount of data being transmitted from today’s implantable cardiac devices.

Murj dramatically reduces administrative burdens by eliminating the hassle of device data management, including remote transmissions. Murj’s innovative cloud-based digital workflow software allows clinicians to effortlessly manage data from all implantable cardiac devices.

Whether managing CIEDs remotely or through in-office visits, clinicians can reach standard of care compliance and superior patient outcomes with Murj without burnout, backlogs or early retirement.

Designed from inception to deliver deep clinical value, Murj provides actionable insights to eliminate workflow bottlenecks, improve staff productivity, and uncover new care opportunities. Legacy premise-based systems and their restrictive seat licenses, Murj enables anywhere, anytime access, clinicians from having to come into the office to access patient transmissions.

Clinics of all sizes are experiencing transformative results with Murj.

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(1) Medscape National Physician Burnout, Report 2019.