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Murj participated in Heart Rhythm 2024 in Boston, joining 9,500+ heart rhythm professionals from around the world. 

The conference showcased a diverse range of advancements in the rhythm management space, including AI-powered monitoring and diagnostic tools. The Opening Plenary kicked off the conference and featured HRS executives, industry thought leaders, and keynote speaker Jagmeet P. Singh, MD, PhD, FHRS discussing the transformative impact of AI on electrophysiology. Pulsed field ablation (PFA) was also a key focus, with companies continuing to discuss enhancements to this innovative AFib treatment.

Team Murj was along for the ride showcasing our latest innovations for cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED) patient management as well as sharing some confidential insight into new products launching in 2024.  There were some fun HRS highlights for Murj, including:

IBHRE names Murj employee Ambassador of the Year

Team Murj was thrilled to celebrate our own Sarah Fritzsche who was recognized as Ambassador of the Year by the International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners (IBHRE)

The IBHRE Ambassador of the Year award recognizes outstanding contributions to heart rhythm management. Since 2016, this award has honored IBHRE-certified specialists who promote excellence by encouraging peers to achieve higher professional standards. Recipients are selected by IBHRE staff and ratified by the IBHRE Board of Directors.

“Serving as an IBHRE Ambassador is a great honor and a wonderful learning experience,” said Fritzsche. “Receiving this award is deeply humbling and a high point of my career. I am profoundly grateful.”

Fritzsche’s dedication to patient care and educational innovation shines through in her role as a Product Education Manager at Murj, where she spearheads learning and development initiatives using Murj’s cloud-based software solution.

M2 networking event fosters Murj customer collaboration 

The Murj M2 networking event convened forward-thinking clinicians and industry trailblazers for a captivating evening centered on promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing. Participants engaged in roundtable discussions on topics such as workflow improvement, compliance, analytics, heart failure (HF) patient management, and more. 

The event underscored the impact of collaboration on driving advancements in CIED care, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and staff satisfaction. Interested in learning more about the Murj M2 community? Engage with Murj.

Celebrating a 2024 CARE Award winners

The Cardiology Achievement and Recognition of Excellence (CARE) Award recognizes outstanding achievement in CIED care among healthcare institutions utilizing Murj for CIED management. These exceptional award-winning clinics have maintained CIED care compliance scores of no less than 90 percent in 2023. Despite the growing number of CIED patients and the increasing volume of data for clinicians to manage, these institutions have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality patient care.

Team Murj celebrates the winners of the CARE Award and expresses our deepest respect for their hard work, passion, and dedication to excellence. We’re proud to work with clinics steadfastly committed to providing the highest standards of care to their patients.

Exclusive educational series spotlight CIED thought leaders

The following educational sessions were held at the Murj booth on day three of the conference.

Enhancing cardiac remote monitoring through integration

Leah Savage, Director of Integrations, Murj

Key takeaways
  • The traditional integration landscape is outdated and not scalable 
    • Individual, point-to-point connections and data mappings built, managed, and maintained by a healthcare organization’s IT team
    • Hurdles include IT resource constraints, lengthy procedures, prolonged maintenance efforts, and challenges upgrading to new technologies
  • Leveraging an integration partner like Murj enables organizations to implement a single, secure connection to exchange data with a network of cardiac vendors seamlessly
  • With integration comes automation
    • Automated clinical and billing workflows remove the need for manual scheduling of remote device checks within the EHR
    • Medication lists can be pulled in real-time from the EHR to view in context with transmission data
    • Data synchronization between CIED platform and EHR enables efficient access to critical data without having to log in to separate systems

Leveraging CIED analytics for informed clinic decisions

Megan McCabe, Clinical Data & Analytics Manager, Murj

Key takeaways
  • Data analytics platforms like Murj strive to:
    • Provide actionable reporting
    • Enable insightful research
    • Build responsible, effective AI
  • Device-generated and clinic operational data can combine to provide actionable insights
  • Clinical insight reporting enables clinicians to identify patients that may need:
    • Medication changes
    • CIED parameter adjustments
    • New devices (e.g., ILR→ICD, ICD→CRT)
    • New procedures (e.g., AF ablation)

Managing CIED heart failure (HF) diagnostics

Jacqueline Arrasmith, RN & Kara Jackson, Remote Clinical Device Specialists, Bon Secours Mercy Health (BSMH)

Key takeaways
  • BSMH struggled with a tedious and cumbersome manual workflow when managing HF patients with Paceart integrated with Epic
    • Six applications, more than 10 minutes of work, and 50-135 clicks to process a single transmission
  • With Murj, BSMH was able to implement a true hybrid workflow with full EHR integration
    • One application, one minute of work, two clicks
    • Independent tracks and cadences for HF and EP
    • Decreased margin for error
    • Increased efficiency with patient care
    • Optimized revenue
  • BSMH achieved a significant increase HF transmissions triaged per day, HF reports created per day, and monthly billable events 

Stay tuned for session recordings coming soon!

Abstract presentation: Text reminders enhance CIED patient compliance and care efficiency

Murj partnered with the University of Kansas Health System on a study to evaluate the impact of text message reminders on transmission compliance for patients with manual transmission CIEDs.

The study revealed that the 353 patients who opted to receive text message reminders transmitted on time more frequently. This led to a 50 percent reduction in care interval extensions and an 85 percent reduction in staff time spent on reminders. Timely transmissions ensure prompt care, enabling quicker alert recognition and improved patient outcomes. Additionally, the reduced need for staff reminders allows clinic staff to focus on other essential tasks, such as handling advisories or supporting in-office encounters.

The full study will be released for download as a white paper in the coming weeks.

Breaking through in Beantown

Heart Rhythm 2024 was an ideal venue for expanding our collective knowledge base, keeping up with industry advancements, creating new connections, and demonstrating our unwavering support for healthcare organizations in their quest for CIED care excellence.

See you next year in San Diego for Heart Rhythm 2025!