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Insights gleaned from advanced data analytics are powering the next generation of healthcare. CIED clinics are particularly well-positioned to benefit from analytics tools due to the wealth of available patient device data. Advanced analytics applied against this data can generate insights that improve approaches to patient care, identify operational opportunities, and better inform staffing decisions.

Murj is built with data analytics in mind. Embedded in the Murj platform is Murj Analytics, a set of robust analytic and reporting tools that enable clinics to take advantage of CIED data to further optimize and transform clinical operations.

What are analytics?

Analytics refers to the process by which healthcare organizations gather insights from significant patterns in data. For CIED clinics, this data can be gathered from patient devices, or a variety of other sources, including billing information, staff productivity, patient feedback, and more. The goal of analytics in CIED care management is to use knowledge gleaned from data to make more informed decisions about care, and to better understand and plan for operational excellence.

The role of analytics in CIED clinic optimization

CIED clinic optimization starts with a commitment to continuous improvement. But beginning that cycle of improvement requires knowledge about the current state of a clinic and goal setting. This is where a powerful analytics solution plays a big role. Analytics enable CIED clinics to measure past and current performance, set realistic goals for improvement, and assess and track progress.

Harnessing the power of data analytics for CIED care can seem daunting. Burdened by significant amounts of device data—as well as data from various operational sources—CIED clinics have previously struggled to identify practical ways to implement analytics.

Thankfully, there’s a tool for that. Murj Analytics turns large amounts of data into the acumen CIED clinics need to transform operations and deliver superior care.

Murj Analytics: Powerful data analysis designed for the modern device clinic

Murj is our investment in the future, and it is already paying dividends. Murj Analytics gives us the insights we need to streamline clinic operations, reduce the burden on our staff, grow our practice, and deliver outstanding patient care with confidence.

Nikki Tibbs electrophysiology specialty care nurse coordinator, West Virginia University Heart & Vascular

Murj Analytics is a comprehensive tool for CIED data analysis and process improvement. Never before have cardiac device clinics had this level of insight into entire patient populations. Let’s examine how your clinic can leverage Murj Analytics’ capabilities to implement change for the better.

Take advantage of population management tools

Analytics helps CIED clinics keep track of their patient populations. With visibility into patient population dynamics, clinics can make more informed decisions about care strategies and staffing optimization.

Murj Analytics visualizes your clinic’s active patient count, new implants, and care modalities (i.e., remote care vs in-clinic care). Murj Analytics also clearly outlines the patient growth percentage over a selected period of time, providing key operational insight into clinic growth.

Questions that can be better addressed using Murj Analytics can include:

  • Seen a recent spike in the amount of patients monitored by your clinic? Maybe it’s time to bring on more staff to adequately care for these patients.
  • Has there been a significant dropoff in the amount of patients monitored? Think about reallocating back staff to run more efficiently.
  • Need to maintain a staff to patient ratio for adequate care? Analytics can help you understand how to get there based on your current population.

Assess gaps in patient care and improving performance

The Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) CIED care standards, adopted by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), set forth recommended and allowable care practices and the frequencies of that care. The difference between CIED care delivered and these established care guidelines is known as the “care gap” and performance improvement begins with an understanding of these care gaps.

Murj Analytics automatically tracks delivered care against the CMS and HRS care standards, as well as a range of custom standards that can be set by the clinic. Murj uses this insight to highlight workflow bottlenecks and care gaps, enabling care providers to take specific action that can lead to improvements in patient compliance.

This approach to tracking gaps in care is just one of the many ways in which Murj analytics empowers care providers to set goals and track improvements.

Drive organizational change with dashboards

Murj Analytics provides an invaluable bird’s eye view of all clinic and user activity in the form of intelligent dashboards. Murj Analytics activity dashboards offer insight into changes in transmission volume, staff efficiency in processing transmissions, as well as time to prepare and approve reports.

Easily measure staff productivity, customize reports to support clinical research opportunities, and compare benchmark data between multiple clinic locations. Track clinic performance against established goals and KPIs, and make well-informed, data-driven operational decisions.

With Murj Analytics dashboards, your clinic gains access to powerful intelligence in the form of comprehensive clinical, workforce, and quality of care metrics for maximum visibility into clinic operations. Murj Analytics empowers your clinic to gain a full understanding of what it needs to do better in the next week—and in the next five years.

Transforming clinic operations, prioritizing patient care

We have only broken the surface of the potential functionality. Makinguse of analytics will further streamline our monitoring.

Dr. Justin Saunders electrophysiologist, Vital Heart & Vein

​​Until Murj Analytics came along, CIED clinics operated with limited visibility into the patient population and device clinic operations. This lack of visibility led to care below desired standards, missed billing opportunities, and overburdened staff. Clinicians can now rely on Murj Analytics to deliver newfound insights for improved clinic management and patient care.

Want to learn more about what Murj Analytics can do for your clinic? Get in touch.