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Murj presented an educational spotlight session at MedAxiom’s CV Transforum Fall’23 in Austin, Texas. Murj Co-founder and COO Reed Gaither sat down with HeartPlace Cardiology COO Mike Plantz for an engaging discussion on several key topics related to CIED workflow. Plantz shed light on how HeartPlace was able to improve patient care, clinic efficiency, and staff satisfaction by adopting Murj’s CIED management software.

Key takeaways

Electronic health record (EHR) integration

  • EHR integration is becoming increasingly important due to the growing volume of CIED data and billing needs.
  • Murj emphasizes the significance of EHR integration in delivering efficient patient care and billing processes. Without proper EHR integration, clinic staff may face increased workloads.

Improved care and billing efficiency

  • Murj highlights the transformation of care processes when EHR integration is achieved, allowing clinics to deliver better care and bill for it more effectively.
  • A major goal is to streamline workflows, reducing the burden on healthcare staff and enhancing overall efficiency.

Remote monitoring and care expansion

  • Centralizing data and care processes allows for efficient management and expansion of care delivery.
  • The ability to monitor patients remotely is shown to be a significant benefit.

Attracting and retaining talent

  • Streamlined CIED workflows and management solutions provide staff with the means to become more efficient in their roles, increasing job satisfaction.
  • Automating routine tasks empowers healthcare professionals to prioritize complex and meaningful patient care.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare

  • AI should enhance healthcare, not replace physicians or clinical knowledge.
  • AI shows promise in collaboration, where collective intelligence from millions of medical data points can be harnessed to improve diagnostics and decision-making.
  • There are significant ethical considerations with AI and maintaining the integrity of patient care is paramount.

In their own words

Someone said to me the other day, ‘You know, what’s neat is this gets them out of the mundane. These are people that have a lot of clinical training. They want to care for patients and you’re getting all the mundane off of their plate really quickly.’ They want to work on the alerts, they want to work on the hard cases. That’s what they’re here for. He said, ‘That’s helping us with talent because people have more fun in their day because they’re working on the tough stuff.’

Reed Gaither on the potential for CIED workflow tools to encourage clinic staff to be more engaged and impactful. (22:10)

I can’t emphasize enough the impact that our staff felt because we were investing in them. It went from, ‘I don’t want that, I don’t want that,’ to ‘How did I ever live without this?’ It just happened that quickly. Who even knew this was out there and available for us to be able to do it this way?

Mike Plantz on investing in tools and strategies for more efficient CIED workflows to improve staff satisfaction. (23:05)

For us, the most important thing is the end product at the end of the day. Whether it happened via AI or it happened by other technological means, the end result is what’s most important for us. Was it more efficient for the staff? Did it provide a better sense of satisfaction for the physician? Is it better care for the patient? Ultimately, those things together have translated into a better financial outcome.

Mike Plantz on the comprehensive benefits of adopting CIED workflow tools. (26:35)

Going deeper

Interested in learning more about the topics addressed in this session? Check out Murj’s podcast The Pulse for a deep dive into the world of CIED management. Uncover insights from cardiac device professionals who have modernized clinics, streamlined operations, and enhanced patient care standards. Listen now.