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The Optimization team at Murj plays a pivotal role in fine-tuning clinic performance. Team members collaborate with clinics to analyze platform usage and set goals to maximize clinic potential. From addressing staffing challenges to unleashing platform capabilities, this team’s dedication ensures clinics harness Murj’s power effectively.

As an Optimization Specialist, Erica Haeber, R.N., BSN plays a key role in the team’s success. Armed with insights gleaned from Murj Analytics, she guides clinics in maximizing Murj’s features, offering tailored advice to enhance efficiency and highlight areas of excellence. The tailored guidance Haeber provides assists clinics in implementing targeted improvements, ultimately elevating patient outcomes and streamlining care delivery.

With a focus on setting attainable goals and regular follow-ups, she helps pave the way for clinics to thrive. For Haeber, each day brings a new opportunity to transform how clinics operate and improve their quality of care.

Read on to learn more about Haeber’s role and what a typical day looks like for the Optimization team.

How would you describe the function of the Optimization team at Murj?

Primarily, we work with clinics starting six months post-Murj launch and then visit with clinics every six months thereafter. Our goal is to take a look at the platform and analyze how they’re doing. We bring together all of the different areas of the platform that they work with, including Murj Analytics, and tell them how they’re doing.

We take a look and make sure they’re using all of the platform’s features. We give them tips and tricks to improve in some areas and highlight areas where they are doing really well. And then, we set some goals and meet with them again in six months.

What does a typical day look like for a Murj Optimization team member?

Each of the Optimization team members follows about 40 to 50 clinics a piece. So our day can look a little bit different. However, throughout the week, we have individual visits with two to six clinics, meeting with each for about an hour at a time. We also connect with Sales to discuss billing, track CMS guidelines and billing updates, and collaborate with Customer Success for comprehensive clinic support.

What are some common optimization challenges you face when working with clinics?

Lately, we’ve encountered clinics facing staffing challenges. Examining various platform areas helps us identify staffing struggles or irregular physician logins. By looking at different areas of the platform, we can hone in and say, “Okay, are there staffing issues going on? Are the physicians not logging in on a regular basis?” We track and trend the functionality of the platform and clinics’ compliance scores.

If they’re having a staffing problem, we can assess the current team, optimize their performance, and streamline operations. We work with them to take existing staff and make them the most efficient they can be. From a patient safety perspective, this means making sure all the transmissions are seen, but we also help them not fall behind on the platform and get all of the things they need to do done.

Murj also has an excellent team of certified clinical professionals who can assist in helping clinics clear backlogs and cover temporary staffing shortages, providing short-term, stop-gap resources.

What do you enjoy most about your role? What energizes you?

Definitely working with clinics and getting that “aha moment”—like finding an efficiency that was always there, but they didn’t really think about it. I love giving clinics that power to think outside the box. We empower them to explore features that are designed to streamline operations and boost efficiency, ensuring they make the most of Murj’s capabilities.

A lot of clinics will come to us with a problem. Maybe they can’t get their transmission backlog down, or they have a staffing shortage. For us to be able to pull experiences from all these other clinics across the country and share a little piece of information with them to help their clinic—that’s really nice.

You have a wealth of clinical experience and Murj platform knowledge. But what other skills or personality traits do you find are important in your role?

Pulling from my prior experience as a Murj user in the clinic, the thing I loved most about working with Murj and what I see now that our team brings to the table is always being available. We’re very kind, patient, and understanding. We meet clinics where they are and present them with things that are reasonable and actionable, not things that are so far-fetched that they can’t accomplish them. We pride ourselves on being good team players and being happy to be available for our customers.

What do you find most rewarding about working at Murj?

The company is so supportive of a good work-life balance, more so than other places I have worked. So it gives you the flexibility and freedom to be very focused and challenged at work, yet still be able to balance your family life. I think the understanding that a good work-life balance produces good employees and productive employees is huge. There’s lots of teamwork and tons of collaboration, which makes it fun to work on those challenging projects when you know you’ve got people looking out for you.

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