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Murj delivers an experience providers and staff love.

Murj delivers intelligent workflow efficiency capabilities, unrivaled customer support, and clinic performance insights to enhance patient care delivery and improve staff satisfaction for all roles within the clinic.


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Clinic Staff

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Secure cloud-based software

Murj is browser-based, allowing providers to efficiently approve daily device checks from any location and at any time, with the highest level of data security available.

Highly efficient workflow

Murj workflow software simplifies the work effort of normal device checks by providing short-form summaries that can be batch approved by providers if desired.

Instant access to historical events

Murj presents patient historical events instantly, saving hours per week of provider time searching through an EHR for a related device event.

2-Clicks to document a transmission

Murj 2-Click Clear™ allows staff to receive, interpret, and approve a non-event transmission in just 2 clicks. With minutes of time saved on each normal device interrogation, staff can quickly process a backlog or spend more time with patients that may need more urgent care.

Automated interval tracking

Set care intervals for Murj to automatically track, and never adjust a schedule again. Murj Interval Tracking automates the entire process of scheduling transmissions and tracks care intervals to improve reimbursement capture for the work performed.

Predictive care gaps identified

Murj Analytics leverages industry leading data organization tools to provide an easy-to-use user experience that delivers instant clinical insights. Clinics can measure device burden, standard of care achievement, and patient compliance to find opportunities for better patient care.

Better billing visibility

Reduce payor denials to zero and be confident in clinic billing activities with Murj. Murj automatically generates billing reports for each patient, during each pay period, to provide all accurate and relevant information, including CPT and ICD-10 codes, needed to process a transaction in the EHR.

Uniquely affordable, infinitely scalable

Whether a single clinic or a large healthcare system, Murj empowers organizations to scale their operations while meeting the demands of more devices and expanding data, and without having to add more staff.

Outcome tracking

Murj Analytics tracks staff productivity, clinic growth rates, and multi-site performance to help clinic managers make data-driven decisions when allocating resources and creating benchmarks for clinic improvement.

Remote care is the standard of care

Remote care is the standard of care Murj delivers a highly efficient remote monitoring workflow and tools to track care closely, giving staff confidence to enroll more patients in remote care. Patients benefit heavily from remote care since they can skip a trip to the clinic, but still receive the same quality of care.

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