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Master your clinic with Murj.

Murj greets the challenge of unprecedented cardiac device data growth with a hyper-efficient, purpose-driven clinical workflow, unrivaled patient insights, and deep clinical analytics. With Murj, clinicians can eliminate paper from their device care workflow, process transmission reports in just 2 clicks, have instant access to patient historicals, and much much more.

Why we’re different.

For too long, legacy systems have over-promised and under-delivered. Leave the mediocracy behind, and move forward with a device management solution in a class of its own. Only Murj is designed to help clinics feel empowered in a changing world.

A message from Murj Founder & CEO Todd Butka

Hear about the founding of Murj and the solutions it offers to cardiac device clinics.

The Murj Magazine.

Check out these articles for more insight on Murj’s impactful and transformative technology.

Meet the sales team.

Reach out to our expert team to learn how Murj can drastically improve your clinic operations.

Gunnar Anderson

Sales Director, Southeast

Garreth Baugh

Sales Director, Florida

Larry Carlson

Sales Director, Mid-Atlantic

Travis Dunn

Sales Director, Western

Brian Gedden

Sales Director, Great Plains

Joe Harris

Sales Director, Midwest

Mike Mantzouris

Sales Director, Northeast

Scott Thompson

Sales Director, Southwest

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