The Only Cardiac Device Data Management Software You Will Ever Need

unparalleled productivity

2 clicks means you manage more patients in less time.

In-Office and Remote

One unified and unique longitudinal patient view.

elevate your game

Get back to the heart of the matter: patients, not paperwork.

unparalleled productivity

With just two clicks, you can access and approve a device interrogation faster than ever before. See remote and in-office patients in the same dashboard. Achieve increased patient throughput.

A universal system for managing implantable cardiac devices


Murj brings in-office and remote patient monitoring together with simplicity and efficiency.  No data entry is required, ever, preserving the integrity of your data. All transmissions are integrated using a fast and familiar workflow.

your game

Seamless management of patient transmissions. Triage recalls instantly. And with real-time analytics, Murj can identify gaps in care and locate bottlenecks. Set your patient care goals and measure achievements.

Prisma Health Upstate adopts Murj to improve clinic operations and provide better care.

Hear the first-hand account describing the transformation brought about with Murj.


Two clicks to clear a patient is absolutely fantastic!

Christopher Oh, MD, FACC
Central Coast Cardiology

This is way more clinical than any other solution we’ve looked at. Love it!

Laurie Newmark, RN, CCDS
Northern Nevada Medical Center
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universal cardiac device management

Murj believes that technology exists to enhance quality of life.